Besides the glittering lights and never-ending parties, Las Vegas is also known for the spectacular sunsets that paint the skies above it. While a great view is guaranteed wherever you may be, there are still several particular spots from which a perfect and unparalleled sight awaits you.

Here’s where you should watch the Las Vegas sunset from.

2. Paris Observation Deck and Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Paris Observation Deck and Eiffel Tower Restaurant

One of the most beloved spots in Las Vegas, the Paris Hotel and Casino draws in millions of tourists every year – and with good reason! The hotel features an observation deck that will take visitors nearly 500 feet above the Strip, giving them a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Sin City, especially as the sun starts sinking. More than that, though, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is largely considered to be one of the most romantic dining experiences in town, making it the perfect spot for a proposal or an anniversary celebration.