Week two of The NFL season is almost here and there's a lot of decision making left to do when it comes to who to bet on! Believe it or not, one of the biggest questions being asked is whether Tom Brady is still a safe bet or not!

1. Week two part 1

Week two part 1

Week two of the NFL season is almost upon us, and while week one saw Tom Brady humiliated against the Saints, the Washington team picking up a comeback with on the Eagles, and the Jaguars knocking off the Colts, week two could be even bigger. So who the hell do I bet on this week?  

Below are a mixture of betting lines and personal opinions all combined into a paragraph to give you some kind of idea of what to do. Maybe it helps, and maybe it doesn't, but here are the odds for The NFL in week two of the season. 

Cleveland Browns -6 versus Cincinati Bengals +6 

The battle of Ohio is set to take place this Thursday night. The Bengals come into this game as the +6 favorite over The Browns, meaning that Baker Mayfield is going to have to pull off some pretty amazing magic on the field if he wants to get a win this season. 

Jacksonville Jaguars +9 Tennesse Titans –9 

Believe it or not, this might be a game to make some money if you bet on the underdog. It seems like Vegas is underestimating what the Jacksonville Jaguars can do with the likes of Gardner Minshew and James Robinson, which is weird considering how well they did in week one. 

In the end, maybe the Jaguars can squeak out another win here and knock off a team that made the playoffs just last year.

New York Giants+ 5  Chicago Bears- 5 

The Chicago Bears are looking to stay undefeated, and the New York Giants are just looking for a win in this week two match up, but who ends up getting what they want at the end of the day? While I would personally love to give another ra-ra speech and say that the Chicago Bears can overcome the Giants, their loss to the Steelers means the G-men are going to do everything they can to get a win. 

Atlanta Falcons +4 Dallas Cowboys- 4 

The Dallas Cowboys need a win to get back on track this season, and who better to take it from than the struggling Atlanta Falcons? It's worth noting that the combination of Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott is going to make it hard for the Atlanta defense to get Dallas off the field. 

Denver Broncos+7.5 versus The Pittsburgh Steelers –7.5 

There really isn't much chance of the Denver Broncos coming out with a win here, making Pittsburgh the safe bet. If a gambler wants to do an exercise in futility, they should put some money on the Broncos coming away with a win. . 

2. Week two part two

Week two part two

=Minnesota Vikings +3 versus Indianapolis Colts –3 

You might actually want to take a chance here and go with The Minnesota Vikings on this one. That might sound like insanity, but stranger things have happened. 

Carolina Panthers +9.5 versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers –9.5 

Maybe it's just plain spite that's making me say this, but I think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have proven that there is no such thing as a safe bet. In fact, with how easily the Saints knocked off the Buccaneers last year, even winning by double digits, it's not impossible that Tampa Bay suffers the same fate with their new golden boy Tommy Terrific. 

Tom Brady might be a good system quarterback, but this is just too high of a hill to climb.

Buffalo Bills –5.5 versus Miami Dolphins +5.5 

Nothing much to say here, really. If you want to live dangerously, go ahead and bet on the floundering Dolphins, but a sane person will put their money on the Bills. In fact, with how little the Dolphins were able to do on offense and how easily they were swept off their feet on defense, the Dolphins might just be the team to go 0-16 this year. Now that's a safe bet! 

San Francisco  49ers –7 versus New York Jets +7 

This is another one of those cases where both teams are walking into the game needing a win, but who nabs it this time? The easy answer to this question is the San Francisco 49ers, and a lot of that has to do with their offense. Jimmy Garroppolo even went 19-33 for 259 yards in last week's game to the Cardinals. Compare that to the Jets losing to the Bills, and you have an open and shut case of who will come out victorious in this one.

Los Angelos Ram –1  versus Philadelphia Eagles +1 

This is going to probably be one of the closer games in week two, and while 1 dollar isn't very much action, it is a way to get the old toes wet in the gambling pool. Now, the Eagles are coming off a humiliating loss at the hands of the Washington Football team and very much need to get back on track heading into the second week of the season. 

With that being said and The Eagles still having the likes of Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert on their offense, expect them to try to get the upset in this game. 

3. Week two part three

Week two part three

Detroit Lions +6.5 versus The Green Bay Packers –6.5 

Much like a few other games on this list, there's not a lot to say about this matchup. I mean, Matthew Stafford only completed half of his passes last week against the Bears and threw an interception to boot. On the other side of the end zone, however, is the Green Bay Packers, who piled on points and will most likely do so again against Detroit unless something crazy happens. 

Think about it! The Packers have Aaron Rodgers, who went 32-44 for 364 yards and four touchdowns. Beyond that, he didn't even throw one single pick during that game and was backed up by Aaron Jones, who contributed 66 yards and a touchdown by the end of the game. That's efficiency and that's what's going to put The Packers over Detroit on Sunday. 

Washington football team +6.5 Arizona Cardinals –6.5 

Are The Philadelphia Eagles that bad, or was the Washington Football team that good? That's the question that will haunt gamblers this week as they try to decide who to pick for this week's matchup of Washington versus Arizona. Now, both teams are coming off big wins to start their seasons, but Washington's win over the Eagles wasn't really expected. 

Baltimore Ravens –7 Houston Texans +7 

Is there anyone out there that believes in the Houston Texas after their blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in week one? Seriously though, if last week was any indication of what's to come, these guys are going to get destroyed for a second straight week. Word to the wise- take The Texans at your own risk, and may God forgive you. 

Kansas City Chiefs – 8.5 Los Angeles Chargers + 8.5 

You gotta go with the Chiefs on this one. There is simply no other choice between these two teams. While some might think that Tyrod Taylor just had an off week against the Bengals, especially since he failed to score, the Chiefs have an unbreakable defense that should tear these young men to shreds. 

New England Patriots +4 versus Seattle Seahawks-4 

Imagine a world where The New England Patriots aren't the favorites to win a football game. Believe it or not, we now exist in that period of time, and while some of it might be due to the loss of Tom Brady, it also has to do with Cam Newton's lack of substance in week one. Furthermore, this was all against a team they should have easily defeated. 

Sure, Newton was able to nab two running touchdowns and got the victory for his team, but that was against the Miami Dolphins.  Stick these same men against the Seattle Seahawks, however, and you have a much different situation. I guess, by all means Patriots fans, keep trying to get excited about your post-Tom Brady future, but there really doesn't seem to be anything to get all that giddy about. 

New Orleans Saints –6 versus Las Vegas Raider +6 

The New Orleans Saints are probably feeling like gods right now after defeating Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in week one, which is why they need to be taken down a peg in week two. The Las Vegas Raiders might just be the team to do that. 

In fact, between Josh Jacobs taking it to the house three times last week against the Panthers and Derek Carr serving as a play-maker when needed, this is a team that can overcome the odds.