The Las Vegas Raiders defeated the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, but it wasn't very pretty

1. The Good: The Las Vegas Raiders' defense

The Good: The Las Vegas Raiders' defense

Can we take a moment to appreciate how much the Las Vegas Raiders' defense stepped up to the plate during their game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday? Not only did the Raiders hold the Colts to 17 points the entire game, but the struggling defense also shut the opposing offense out in the opening quarter. This marks one of the few times that the Raiders' defense has been able to do this and 

The effort was led by Devine Deablow, who recorded nine tackles, followed by Roderic Teamer, who notched seven of his own. Lastly, the defense held the Colts to a total of 262 yards, one rushing touchdown, and one through the air. Again, this was one of their best defensive performances all season and they deserve all the credit in the world. 

Can they do it again against the Los Angeles Chargers, though?

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