The Las Vegas Raiders have made history quite a few times

5. Biggest comeback in team history

Biggest comeback in team history

Comebacks don’t always happen in the NFL, but they are magical when they do. In fact, it is that one period during a sports game where you are glued to your seat, have your eyes fixated on the television screen and every single play feels like a do-or-die situation. 

The Raiders found themselves in that scenario in 2000 when they took on the Indianapolis Colts in The RCA dome. While it was still early in the season, The Raiders were still in need of momentum and looked to this game to get it.  Unfortunately for The Raiders, however, they found themselves on the receiving end of a 21-0 beat down at halftime. 

However, the team tied the game at 24 somewhere in the third quarter and went on to win the game 38-31. This was mainly due to two beast mode rushes from Tyronne Wheatley, who helped move his team down the field and nab the win away from none other than Peyton Manning.