Take a good look. These are all the Las Vegas sports athletes who were traded away, cut, or sidelined for health reasons. Just look at how much talent Las Vegas has lost over the years!

#4 The Las Vegas RaIders cut Henry Ruggs after DUI incident

#4 The Las Vegas RaIders cut Henry Ruggs after DUI incident https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT9ZzwrrOoE

While the Las Vegas Raiders didn’t lose Henry Ruggs in the same way that other teams lost players on this list, it was still a huge blow to the team. The Raiders had invested a lot of time and money by taking Ruggs early in the draft, and the expectation was that it would eventually lead to a promising future. That didn’t end, though, and Ruggs was cut from the team after driving drunk and killing someone in a high-speed collision.

 It’s not about what Ruggs did on the field during his time with the Raiders. It’s about what he could have done if he didn’t make the mistake of driving drunk. There was so much potential there for this young man to succeed and become a preferred weapon of Derek Carr, but he couldn’t avoid letting his demons get the best of him.

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