The Las Vegas Raiders came up clutch with a 34-30 victory over the Carolina Panthers in week one, but these five plays were the deciding factor.

4. 54 -yard field goal by Daniel Carlson

54 -yard field goal by Daniel Carlson

It’s no secret that the little things count- and that includes field goals. Fortunately for the Raiders, Daniel Carlson nailed a 54-yard field goal late in the third quarter to put the team up 20-15 over the Panthers.  Putting three points on the board did put a lot of pressure on The Panthers to get in the endzone. 

It worked. The Panthers would go three and out on their very next drive and punt the ball back to The Raiders. Adding insult to injury, the Raiders would set up Josh Jacobs for another short run to the endzone on that drive, which put them up 27-12. Not only did this put the game out of reach, but it also showed how important field goals can be to a game.